the problem with jedis….

So I was watching The Empire Strikes Back and came up with a question:

What is it about Jedi teaching that sucks? I mean Yoda is the Jedi Master and he can’t even convince Luke to stay and finish his training even with dead Obi-Wan helping him. How many of Yoda’s students just wander over to the dark side?

And why does it seem that Jedi Masters are always lying to people?

In Luke’s battle with Darth, Vader tells Luke that he has mastered his fear and now Luke must release his anger.  In a weird way, this is the best advice anyone has given Luke throughout the whole movie.  Granted, Luke should be controlling his anger instead of letting it control him, but no one can argue against the power his anger gives him.  Of course, the jedi would whine about not feeling anything and feeling the Force through them.

And Darth Vader tells Luke who his real father is….


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