road stories: the Dog Barrens

the Dog Barrens are a new invention, of sorts. it’s not like I magically created land between two points of the map. it’s more of Christopher Columbus thing where you give a place a name and it snaps into existence even though the natives having been living there for millenia, quite aware that land doesn’t need a name to be lived on or to prove its existence.

being so new, I’m not even sure of its spelling yet, Dog or Dawg. its surname is a misnomer also: the land isn’t empty or unoccupied. it is quiet and unassuming, simple and uneventful. if it’s barren of anything, it’s the complication of big cities and sprawling suburbs and new-formed exoburbs. and it is that special quality and its rareness in these times that makes the Dog Barrens beautiful.


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