Where to start first? Let’s go with the Man of Steel

This Man of Steel trailer is pretty good. This is one of the reasons why comic books should be turned into movies: to boil down the essence of a character into simple concepts that everyone can deal with. The Dark Knight series boiled down Batman into the concept of sacrifice. Bruce’s parents sacrifice themselves to protect him. Alfred sacrifices his life to raise Bruce. Bruce sacrifices his revenge to protect the city. Batman sacrifices his reputation to save Dent’s. Gordon sacrifices his family and authority to help Batman. Et cetera.

The Man of Steel is about Superman as hope. The hope of a dying civilization to not be forgotten in the universe. The hope of a father and mother for their son to live a better life than they did. The hope of normalcy against the innate superiority of a god. The hope that mankind can and will do better if it tries. The hope of an enemy to gain revenge on his jailor’s son. Even the hope of a newspaper, nay, a journalist, to survive and find relevance in a world full of tweets and tumblrs and blogs and instagram and reddit.

oh yeah, june 14th.


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