extended review: Mad Men (S6E07) “Man with a Plan”

Just finished watching this week’s Mad Men. the most striking thing which came near the end of the episode was the twist of fate and how everyone’s position seemed to have flipped from the beginning of the show to the end. Don’s over Ted by drinking him asleep; Ted’s over Don by piloting. Don over Peggy as the boss; Peggy telling Don to move on. Don dominating Sylvia; Sylvia mothering Don. Burt walking in with a job, and leaving Roger’s office without one. Pete, partner in the office, helpless son in his apartment with his Mom.  Even the Joan and Bob dynamic flipped. 

It was the extreme limit of Don’s emptiness to dominate Sylvia. He put her in a room, limited her being, bought her a red dress, kept her in bed, told her not to answer the phone. Everything he thought about women from growing up in the whorehouse. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. Life’s different when you are dealing with real life women. Sylvia put on her motherly/wifely pastel dress (and coat) and told Don that it was over, everything was over. Don knew it was over, he knows where he has to go. It’s funny that we always think we know where Don is going to go in a season but yet still goes through so many changes and ends up a little (just a little) better than how he started the year. but oh, how he tuned out Megan while sitting with her on the couch. How he got dressed and framed the scene while Megan was falling apart on the bed with the Bobby’s death on the TV. There’s a death and finality that Don is heading towards and has to face that being the image or persona of Don Draper won’t help him.



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