the structure of the world, lansdale version

so I’m in lansdale, hanging with my boy. I’m observing the ways of the world and realize that it’s nothing but local patches, the union of which compose the world. so it’s a matter of knowing the transformations between locations. and knowing your local set around the kernel of your space.


the problem with synchronity

Gotta fix my tumblr site. damn RSS feeds!

why is moving forward so hard? why is there such inertia attached to the past? is change so damn dangerous?

I know the problem with order. entropy is always present and working against any simplicity different than its own cold heartless chaos. we always have to fight against that.

the grind

I’m sick and struggling to get better. the medicine doesn’t seem to be helping. the only thing that does is getting back in what I’m supposed to me doing, grinding away at these blocks of time and action, like a hero in a chapter in some ancient Greek epic about humility and whims of the Gods.

what am I supposed to be learning from all of this?