Mad Men: S05 Ep04 – To Have and to Hold

Look, everybody does Mad Men. So i’m going to throw some links and simplify the episode to the most basic things.

This weeks episode: Power is hard to grasp and this is the day we stop liking Don.


Ta-Nehisi Coates

Tom & Lorenzo: summary & fashion

Alyssa Rosenberg


quick review: BLACK MIRROR S01E01- the national anthem

I’ve started watching a show from the BBC called Black Mirror. So far it’s two seasons, 3 shows per season.  It’s a great show in the best tradition of science fiction that takes technology and culture and mixes them in an intelligible and entertaining way. It asks interesting questions, gives us near futures that could be (and sometimes already are), and doesn’t flinch to show us the results.

So the first show of the first season is called “The National Anthem”. All I’ll say is that only the BBC can make something so disgusting respectable.

Bob Seger’s and Don Draper’s “Hollywood Nights”

I was listening to Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights” while driving in yesterday, really listening to the music and lyrics like I do sometimes. I realized that they (read: the music industry) doesn’t make songs like that any more. It’s a fast paced tune with background singers about meeting a girl, falling in something, waking up with her gone and trying to figure out what to do. He’s got nothing but memories.

No one writes that kind of song anymore. It’s all about chasing someone or breaking up with them. Before and After. And both of those things are going to be permanent. The only thing that’s temporary is the current state you’re in.

But i was reminded of Don Draper’s trip to California for the Space conference and how he ended spending what? 2 weeks out there? I have to go back and rewatch the show to see if Don thought it was temporary or permanent. I mean, he was facing getting exposed back at the office. But isn’t that how things start sometimes: you fall in love with the ephemeral and temporary and you stick with it hoping it will be permanent.

Everything’s temporal now. Maybe that’s why we don’t have songs like that because we already live stories like that IRL. People communicate what they need, not what they have. People want the stability of a relationship or the comfort that what they are going through is temporary.

season finale: lost

Wow. I guess dead is dead.

It was a great season finale. Things got pretty dicey last season, muddling further and further into an all-too-apparent morass. But this season brought everything back together. And everyone had a role, determined by Jacob.

I’m not sure if it’s considered too much pushing by the writers to have all the original Oceanic players come around to following Faraday’s plan.  I mean, the plot has to go in a particular direction for things to finish up nicely, right?  This is a great place to have that discussion about the difference between story and plot, but i’ll leave that for another day ( or someone else.)

So what happens next? I guess we wait until 2010.